Protect your business and ensure compliance with an EMV upgrade!


EMV terminals and protect your business when you switch to Merchant Services powered by Shift4 we offers in-house payment processing services for a superior integrated point-of-sale experience.

Prevent fraud. When you are not accepting EMV, you are leaving your business vulnerable to counterfeit credit card fraud.

Reduce liability. POS processing that relies on SSL encryption is no longer PCI compliant and must be upgraded to a solution that uses more secure TLS encryption.

The latest version of Merchant Services powered by Shift4 not only works with EMV terminals, but it’s also PA-DSS certified, which reduces liability for data security breaches.

Avoid fines. Mastercard’s latest credit cards use a new Bank Identification Number (BIN) and POS systems must be updated to accept these new cards or you can be fined an assessment fee up to $20,000 per occurrence.

RM Payments Restaurant


Manager (RM) now offers in-house payment processing services for a better, more integrated point-of-sale experience. Take advantage of special incentives that are available to those who switch to RM Payment Processing:

Free upgrade to RM version 20
Take advantage of the features and functionality that RM v20 has to offer!

Free EMV Terminals
Support EMV chip card transactions with tip adjustment, accept Mastercard’s new BIN cards and ensure compliance with PCI’s new TLS requirements!

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