Digital Signage

Digital Signage Integrated with Your POS


Digital Signage is a powerful tool for engaging customers, improving experiences, and increasing revenue.

Restaurant Manager’s Digital Signage is fully integrated with the POS, allowing restaurateurs to make menu changes, create messaging, and more from one user friendly interface.

Providing Solutions to Real Business Problems Restaurant Manager focuses on critical business issues facing today’s restaurant owner.

With Restaurant Manager you get robust functionality, fully integrated optional modules and the expertise needed to solve real business issues and meet your unique goals.

Increase Top Line Revenue
Use digital signage to display photos, videos, and promos to your captive in-store audience. Digital Signage gives you an easy and engaging way to tell your customers about high margin items or daily specials, special events like game night parties or happy hours, and high yield programs like Online Ordering or Customer Loyalty. It also offers an opportunity for advertising investment from vendors who’d like to reach your customers at the point of purchase.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Digital Signage serves as an engaging, easy to read menu board letting customers see your menu, daily specials, and nutrition and calorie information. You can also use Digital Signage to reduce perceived wait times by keeping patrons entertained, or to display personalized messages to welcome large parties or special guests.


Restaurant Manager Tips

1. Use RM Digital Signage to promote high yield, bottom line boosting programs like Customer Loyalty and Online Ordering.

2. Use RM Digital Signage to increase average checks by running limited time promotions using RM price levels.

3. Use RM Digital Signage to support your social media strategy- promote your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube page in-store to get more followers.

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